Walgreens shooting suspect accused of murdering woman suspected of shoplifting in court Friday

A 33-year-old man charged with murdering a woman inside a Walgreens store on the Northwest Side is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Police said Louis Hicks was pretending to be a police officer. Just before closing time last Wednesday, police said a manager at the store on Fullerton and Cicero confronted 46-year-old Sircie Varnado, suspecting she was trying to shoplift.

The manager then called Hicks, who lives nearby, for help. During a confrontation police said Hicks verbally fought with Varnado, threw her to the ground, shot her in the head and claimed he was a cop.

The suspect then ran off.The manager is no longer with Walgreens, the company said in a statement.

Varnado's family said he didn't have to kill her.

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