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Celebrating The Legacy of Harold Lucas

Harold Lucas was honored with a plaque ceremony to commemorate him as the Champion of Bronzeville.

Photo Credits - Wikipedia
Chicago Bee Library in Chicago Bronzeville

Harold Lucas is being honored for his tireless efforts in saving This Bronzeville’s historic building in the neighborhood. This building was converted into the Chicago Bee Library and Branch, which opened in May 1996. The building was built between 1929 and 1932, and Harold's hard work has preserved this piece of history for many generations to come. A special room has been dedicated to Lucas in recognition of his dedication to social justice and the community.

The event was attended by several local dignitaries, including Alderman Pat Dowell, Paula Robinson, Cheryl Colbert, media and members of the Bronzeville community.

Lucas' daughters were also present to witness the ceremony and celebrate their father's accomplishments. This was a proud moment for the Lucus’ family and all of Bronzeville.

Harold Lucas legacy will live on in the Chicago Bee Library and in the hearts of the local community. It was a joyous celebration of Lucus' hard work and commitment to the Bronzeville community.

Harold Lucas will be remember for the commitment to preserving the culture of the neighborhood is a true testament to his passion and dedication.


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