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The Family that lives together...Murders together​

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

​​A dangerous family was arrested Tuesday in connection with the horrendous slaughter two years ago of a family of eight. The authorities caught a break in the case which provided a sense of relief for the survivor's family members that always wondered if the authorities would locate the despicable savages who murdered their family members.

The Pike Family accused of butchering 8 people.

The Wagner family was arrested for the murders. One suspect, Edward "Jake" Wagner (26), had a romantic relationship with 19-year-old Hanna Rhoden, she was one of the eight people gruesomely killed. Also, The mother, Angela Wagner (48), Father, George "Billy" Wagner III (47) and his brother George Wagner IV (27) were all arrested.

The Wagner family is accused of killing the husband, wife and their 3 children with shots to the head. They didn't stop their killing spree at that point. The murderous blood lust family continued their hateful rampage by killing the 20-year old fiancée of the eldest son, the oldest brother of the husband, and even the cousin. Authorities say it seems some of the victims were killed as they slept. Including the 20 year old Hanna Rhoden, who was sleeping in the bed with her newborn child close by.

Officials said the Wagners spent months planning the murders and tracking the victims' daily routines.

A Pike County grand jury indicated the murderous suspects for aggravated murder, with the death penalty as an option. They also can face numerous other charges including conspiracy, aggravated burglary, and tampering with evidence.

At a press conference, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said, "We promised that the day would come when arrest would be made in the Pike County Massacres." He continues, "Today is that Day.”

This is the first step in a long process of getting justice for the Rhodes' family, but it must be seen through.


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