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Scarface...Now a Houston City Council Candidate Says He's Done w/ Rap Forever

Scarface (legal name: Brad Jordan) is giving up the Rap Game as he transitions into politics and it appears as though the legendary GOAT is done for good with writing new rhymes.

Scarface announced that he is running for Houston City Council last week. The revelation came shortly after the passing of fellow Geto Boy Bushwick Bill, who died from pancreatic cancer on June 9th.

“For me it’s done,” said Scarface about his rap career. "I like the ideas of politics. This is gonna be my start in politics. I wanted to get my legs up under before I run for governor, before I run for mayor."

Anyone interested can catch Scarface's full interview with The Fader.

"We are off and running and the momentum couldn’t be better. We are running a grassroots campaign powered by we the people. I need your help. Please go to and donate whatever you can towards the movement."


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