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“Not a Virgin Anymore”: Killer Boasted to Victim's Son

A 35-year-old Florida man accused of stabbing an elderly woman to death two months ago allegedly called the victim’s son afterwards and admitted to the crime, PEOPLE confirms.

Thomas Evans became friends with the victim's son at work admitted over the phone to killing 78-Year-old Frances Axley, a retired guidance counselor, inside her home on January 1st.

Three days later Evans was arrested in Georgia and his extradition was completed lasted weekend.Evans remains custody without bond, and No plea has been enter to the felony charge.

On the night when the Victim's son received the phone call, He was with three friends in Fort Meyers. All Three told the police, The call was speaker at the time when Evans said, "not a virgin anymore." Then He admitted to killing Axley.

Police performed a well-being check on Axley on New Year's Day and that's when the police found the 78-year-old Axley draped in bed sheet in a pool of her own blood in the living room her home. Police also discovered bloody footprints going up the stairs and in the kitchen of Axley's home.

Investigators allegedly discovered Evans was using one of Axley's credit cards.

An Arraignment for Evans has been scheduled for March 25.


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