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Mom feeds bleach to her autistic sons and the police will do nothing.​​​​​

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

A Kansas mother feeds chlorine dioxide, otherwise known as bleach, to her two autistic sons and the Authorities are powerless to stop her. She has posted a video on YouTube of her giving her first son's, Jeremy a 27-year-old, doses of bleach (Chlorine Dioxide).

Laurel Austin is a 51-Year-old mother who has two adult males that are autistic. According to her Facebook Post, she has tried almost every fad online "cure" for autism including treatments for heavy metal poisoning, hormone therapies used in chemical castration and "natural" remedies such as cilantro and algae. However, Austin new treatment is bleach and it must be legal because authorities have failed to stop her.

Bradley Austin is the ex-husband. In January, he learned Laurel Austin has been giving his children bleach and he has tried everything in his power to stop her. The adult protective services have told the police that they didn't see the situation as serious enough for the state to take action. The police said there wasn't enough evidence that Chlorine dioxide was dangerous.

The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, warns the solution amounts to industrial bleach, and doctors say it can cause irreparable harm when ingested, including damage to the digestive system and kidneys.

According to NBC News – Laurel Austin declined to be interviewed but said in response to emailed questions that NBC News was "being used as a shameful tool with incorrect information by an absentee father as means to lower or even eliminate his child support obligation to his autistic special needs sons."

This was the first time someone had reported Laurel’s actions. A staff member at Options Services called and reported she had given Jeremy chlorine dioxide in the parking lot after staff members refused. Nothing was done by authorities for this incident, but the owner of Options Services did respond to a negative review posted by Laurel Austin after they refused to feed her son bleach.

This is outrageous and something should be done about this mistreatment. Hopefully, the federal government will step in since the state has failed to intervene.


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