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Fortnite steals dance moves, AGAIN

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

2 Milly is accusing Fortnite of stealing his dance moves for the world wide popular video game Fortnite. The game is free to download, so all the money generated comes from in-game purchases. Epic game, the developer, is now facing some backlash from fans because of stealing of dance moves.

2 Milly's video, Milly Rock has been viewed over 19 million times. So he has an nice following of people from around the globe and many have been seen doing his dance. Now, Epic Games has decided to include Fortnite without his permission.

The problem comes because Fortnite is selling for $5 add on purchase for your game character. Fortnite has mirrored the dance moves from many movie scenes, television, and music videos without compensating the creators.

People in the music Industry like Chance the Rapper has spoken up on this issue. Gayle King believes the artist, 2 Milly, show be paid by the creators of Fortnite.

However, we will have to wait and see how this turns out. Currently the purchase for 2 Milly’s dance is no longer for purchase on Fortnite.


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