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Fake American Doctor Sued Over Death of Children In Uganda

A white woman from the United States of America, Renee Bach has been dragged to court after causing the death of hundreds of young children in Uganda. The US citizen based in Jinja, Uganda had pretended that she was a medical doctor despite the fact that she had no medical experience at all.

The American “missionary” and her “Serving His Children” (SHC) non-profit organization based in Masese I in Jinja will have to answer to impersonation and murder charges at a Ugandan court.

A report by TheSpy Uganda revealed that the case is already in court, as the Women’s Probono Initiative (WPI) are already pushing it in court. Two women, Gimbo Brenda and Kakai Annett are at the forefront of the case.

According to court papers, the mothers alleged that they were led to believe that Renee Bach was a medical doctor and that her home was a medical facility. Bach had always been seen wearing white coat with a stethoscope and had also administered medications to children in her care.

However, when the children died, they were told that Renee had no training in medicine at all. Her facility was also closed down and barred from offering any treatment to any child by the District Health Officer in 2015.

WPI and the mothers are now alleging that Renee’s actions led to the death of over a hundred children.

This, they say, is a violation of the children’s right to access adequate treatment, the right to life, the right to health and the right to dignity, freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.

The complainants are demanding that SHC operations in Uganda is shut down, and that damages should be awarded to the aggrieved families.

“There are procedural and regulatory mechanisms that ought to be followed when establishing a medical facility in Uganda,” Gimbo Brenda said in a statement.

“Even so the law provides for licensing agencies and protocols for who should practice medicine in Uganda. It is unacceptable, narcissistic behavior, for any one, black or white, rich or poor, missionary or angel to pass off as a ‘medical practitioner’ when they are not.”

The petitioner observed that by doing so, they mislead unsuspecting vulnerable members of the public.

“The actions of Renee & SHC have caused so much pain, injustice, a lack of transparency and accountability by the organization Serving His Children. The Judiciary has a role to play in ending this.”  a WPI officer, Beatrice Kayaga said.

“My son – Elijah Benjamin would be two (2) years old today had he been alive. I delivered him at Jinja Hospital on 21st January, 2017. I feel his life was snatched from my arms by the actions of Ms. Renee Bach. I hope the court can give me Justice”, Ms. Kakai Rose painfully retorts.

The embattled Serving His Children (SHC) first started as a feeding programme to children. But it was then registered again as a rehabilitation centre after Renee Bach met malnourished kids in the Masese slum at Jinja.

“I felt like it was pretty clear from talking to people that were a lot older and wiser than me and really thinking through what I wanted to do with my life that I was supposed to return,” Bach said.

She looked into some companies she had worked for previously, but nothing stood out. So she started her own.

“That’s when I really felt like ‘Well, maybe there’s a need to be met in that community that isn’t already being met and maybe I can be a part of that.’

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