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DCFS is having Teens slept on the floor inside the South Loop office.

Teens in DCFS care slept on floors of South Loop office

In Chicago – Two teenagers had sleep on the floor of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services office building located in the South Loop.

DCFS is being accused of forcing children to sleep on the hard cold floors of its offices because it doesn’t even have an adequate number of shelter beds. WGN conducted an interview, Charles Golbert said: “It’s a violation of the children’s civil rights. It’s a violation of their rights under a federal consent decree that governs DCFS and it’s a violation of basic human dignity for the children.”

Golbert reports, After being forced to sleep on the hard, One of the kids ran away from DCFS and since the last conversation, the child has not been found.

“Our worst fears have been realized,” wrote public guardian Charles Golbert.

This may not be an isolated incident.

The public guardian told the judge: “I suspect other children have also suffered the same indignity in recent weeks.”

DCFS admits the problem is there simply weren't any shelter beds available. We will keep following this story and update as information because available.

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