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Alberto El Patron and Chavo Guerrero Jr. announce lucha libre promotion

Things are heating up in the world of professional wrestling as Alberto El Patron and Chavo Guerrero Jr. start their own lucha libre wrestling promotion.

The landscape of professional wrestling is about to change again now that Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto del Rio in WWE) and Chavo Guerrero Jr. are the frontmen for the brand-new Nación Lucha Libre. The promotion already has a television deal lined up in Mexico and they're touting some big names to come on board.

El Patron is currently president of the MMA promotion Combate Americas and he's continued to dabble as a freelancer in various independent lucha promotions. During a press conference through +Lucha TV, it was announced that the former WWE Champion will lead a new indie, Nación Lucha Libre, alongside Guerrero, himself a former WWE, WCW, TNA and Lucha Underground star.

Alongside Guerrero Jr. they hyped the lucha libre wrestlers they already have on the roster including top stars and those looking to make a name for themselves. They even teased that some WWE talent may join soon.

Nación Lucha Libre's inaugural event will take place on July 11 with a stacked card featuring names like the Lucha Brothers, Guerrero Jr., Puma King, Rey Horus, Thunder Rosa, and in the main event, a six-man tag match between Team Mexico (El Patron, El Hijo del Fantasma, and Dr. Wagner Jr.)  and Team Puerto Rico (Apolo, El Masias, and MVP.)

No further details were revealed for the type of programming Nación Lucha Libre will produce so it remains to be seen what they have to offer that will set them apart from their competitors. With so many new wrestling promotions opening up it certainly seems like a great time to be a wrestling fan.


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