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2 Year Old Killed, Chicago Police Chase Ends.

2 Year old girl Killed in crash involving car chased by Chicago Polices.

A two year girl was killed when a car being pursued by Chicago police hit another car and crashed into a tree.

Danyla Owens was the 2 year killed in the crash and there was several other people injured.

Cars involved in accident.

The Pursuit started when Officer were attempting to pull over a black Chrysler at 107th and Michigan Sunday Night. The driver of the car drove off.

A few block a way the car crashed into a White Acura Sedan a few blacks away, then struck a tree causing Owens to be ejected.

She was transported to Roseland Hospital were she later died.

The 21-year-old driver of the Chrysler was arrested

Watch Video below for WGN report of the car crash.


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