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1991 LaTasha Harlins to 2019...What has Changed?

Most of you are unaware of her Story, but she’s important. The young lady name is Latasha Harlins, in 1991, only at the young and innocent age of 15, Latasha went to her local Food Mart and never made it out alive.

Soon Ja Du, the store owners' wife, assumed Latasha was trying to steal a bottle of orange juice. Soon Ja Du grabbed her backpack and a tussle ensued in which Latasha responded by punching Soon Ja Du.

Photo of Latasha Harlins

Then Latasha turned her back and began to walk away, whilst leaving the bottle of orange juice on the counter. Next, what happened was atrocious, Soon Ja Du grabbed a gun and shot Latasha in the back of the head at a 3 foot distance, killing her immediately.

Soon Ja Du tried to claim self defense, but the store’s security camera showed otherwise. The jury convicted Soon Ja Du of voluntary manslaughter. Judge Joyce Karlin only sentenced Soon Ja Du with 400 hours of community service, 5 years probation, and a fine.


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