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Yakiboy: Police charge Instagram star Hossein Balapour over steroids

EXCLUSIVE: So THAT'S how you build an Instagram-worthy 'Lamborghini body'! Police charge Yakiboy with possessing FIVE different steroids and hormones - but he says the cops are 'making it a big thing because it's me'

A muscle-bound Instagram personality famous for his 'Lamborghini body' has been charged with possessing steroids and human growth hormone.

But gold-toothed model and bodybuilder Hossein Balapour, known online as Yakiboy, said they were 'just some steroids' for 'personal use'.

'They make (it) a big thing because it's me,' the tattooed hulk told Daily Mail Australia.

The 29-year-old, known for posting near-nude photos covering his genitals with pizza emojis, was raided by elite NSW Raptor police earlier this year.

Officers appeared at the door of his unit in the inner-Sydney suburb of Waterloo at about 6.30am on April 26 and slapped him with eight charges, six relating to alleged drug possession.

Police allegedly found three different types of steroids in the form of 100 oxandrolone tablets, two methenolone vials and a vial of trenbolone. 

He was also charged with possessing the human growth hormone somatropin, testosterone and a bottle of Xanax.

Raptor police, an elite police unit notorious for its proactive, hard-nosed tactics, also charged Balapour with possessing a World War I-style 'trench knife'.

The knife was allegedly in Balapour's possession in violation of a weapons prohibition order, a police charge sheet said.


Balapour's lawyer, Abdul Reslan, said the knife charge can be explained away as a prop for his burgeoning modelling career.

'There's no secret about this, the knife relates to his modelling shoots and the like,' Mr Reslan said.

'The knife was present for use as a prop for his photo shoots and other modelling endeavours'.  

Mr Reslan said they were asking prosecutors to withdraw the knife charges 'before it went to hearing'.

He said they were still considering the drug charges against him.

Balapour's case will continue when it comes in front of a magistrate in August to enter pleas to the charges.

Balapour has long denied being a 'gangster', although has admitted to previously having bikie friends.

One former friend was slain mobster Pasquale Barbaro, a relationship he described as his 'biggest regret in life'.

He has admitted looking intimidating and uses that as part of his social media image.

He often poses for photos as a pretend criminal wearing a balaclava and little else.

One such post said: 'You're sleeping at night, you wake up and find me in your house, my balaclava hiding my face and my undies hiding my anaconda.

'What you going to do in this situation?'

Since arriving in Australia from Tehran six years ago, Balapour has made a career out of modeling clothes, working as a personal trainer and teaching jujitsu.

He works out as many as six days per week and last year detailed his extraordinary diet for Daily Mail Australia.

It included an egg smoothie and an omelette as breakfast and a morning snack, chicken breast for lunch, another protein smoothie, a 'zucchini treat'; chicken, fish or beef for dinner and a third protein smoothie before bed.

He said before he was married, he used to tell women: 'I'm the Lamborghini, you don't need a Lamborghini, I'm the Lamborghini.' 


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