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WWE Seem To Confirm The Fiend Lantern Is Here To Stay

As previously reported, WWE uploaded Bray Wyatt’s The Fiend SummerSlam entrance, took it down and then re-uploaded it without any footage of the lantern which was shaped like Bray Wyatt’s head.

The removal of the lantern led many to believe that WWE had decided to drop the lantern due to worries that it might be too scary or upsetting for younger fans to see. There was also apparently a worry that YouTube would demonetise the video due to unnecessary gore.

Thankfully, it now looks as though the lantern is here to stay, because WWE has now posted a photo of the Fiend on Twitter with the lantern completely intact and as horrifying as ever.

Wyatt is scheduled to appear at Raw next week and the following week, but as to whether he will actually appear in person or if he’ll just do something a bit spooky is not yet clear.

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