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Texas officer accidentally kills woman while shooting at dog

A patrol officer accidentally shot and killed a woman when he fired repeatedly at a dog that was charging at him, authorities in the Dallas suburb of Arlington said.

The officer and other emergency workers responded Thursday to a welfare check concerning a woman who appeared to be passed out in a grassy area near a commercial district. The barking dog was unrestrained and ran toward the officer as he was calling the woman. The officer began backing away, then drew his weapon and fired at the dog as it continued to charge.

The woman yelled out after the shots were fired. She was taken to a hospital, where she died. The Tarrant County medical examiner’s office identified her as 30-year-old Margarita Victoria Brooks.

It’s not clear if prior to the shooting she was suffering a medical emergency or was under the influence of an intoxicant, Arlington police Lt. Christopher Cook said Friday.

Investigators believe the dog belonged to Brooks. The animal survived.

Cook said additional information is expected to be released later Friday, including how many shots were fired by the officer and how many times Brooks was struck.

Investigators are reviewing body camera footage of the shooting.

Authorities have not provided the officer’s name and Cook said he’s not sure when it will be released.


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