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Scientist Find: You are Not Lazy, You Are Just Scared.

We all dream of success but blame our procrastination as the reason for never achieving the goal.

Years upon years, so-called experts and motivational speaker have preached that were should "stop being lazy" by any means necessary.

So every day, we attempt to motivate ourselves to get more things done. However, when we procrastinate, we beat ourselves up and blame it on our laziness or "just not meant to be" attitude.

How about instead of attacking ourselves over the lack of willpower or motivation.

We never stop to think "Why do I procrastinate?"

Well, scientists have researched this question?

In 2018, a team of researchers conducted a study to explore the differences between the brains of people who suffer from procrastination and those who do not.

They recruited 264 people to complete specific tasks and afterward conducted fMRI brain scans on each person.

The scientist was blown away by the results. Researchers discovered a large number of the amygdala in the brains of the participants who procrastinated than those who were more action orientated.

Simply, during high-pressure situations which trigger memories or negative experiences, the amygdala triggers a fight or flight response.

During the high-pressure situation, This will take over our ability to think of the long term consequences or our actions and leads us to avoid the important task at hand because it's perceived as a threat to our safety.

Then the body rewards the brain for escaping the threat by procrastinating, that why we are temporarily relieved and feel better.

However, It's only a short term relief because the negative emotions return real soon. We will start to feel boredom, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress. We continue to stall until the final moments to combat these negative feelings.

We find ourselves locked into a pattern of avoiding negative emotions are rewarding ourselves by procrastinating causing it to become addictive behavior.

We view it as procrastination is a matter of laziness.

Our brains view it as, A matter of life and death.

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