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RTA driver assualted by female passenger

How do you defend yourself from a woman?!

Women are trained in combat, stronger, and able of standing their ground. The days of damsel in distress are gone.

We are in the age of social media where we are seeing more women provoking a physical fight with men.

I ask – What are Men supposed to do in this situation?

Maybe you were raised with a point of view you do nothing because you believe a woman shouldn’t be able to hurt you or maybe you have been raised to believe when someone physically assaults you that you have the right to defend yourself at all costs, no matter of gender.

Today, we are seeing a man being forced with a decision on how to respond when physical altercations develop with a woman.

Recently, we witnessed an RTA bus driver forced to take action after a woman physically assaulted him while driving the bus. He first responds with a strong push to allow distance between them. However, the female passenger returns quickly by throwing a few haymakers which all connect with the bus drivers face. Now, here is where the problem intensifies. How do I respond to being hit in the face by a woman, takes place. Well, The bus driver responded by defending himself by returning a few punches of his own. I’m not sure if that was the correct action and that is the problem.

Have you been a person that has been in or witnessed a woman picking a fight with a male?

What was your feeling as you watched it unfold?

Did you believe the man should take the punches or did you want to see the man defend himself?

Well, hopefully, we can come to a decision on how to handle these situations when they arise.

Please share are your thoughts and comments below.


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