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Official's questionable stop of the fight leads to lost for Martez McGregor

The ref called the fight late in the round 8 after Martez McGregor was hit with a short right hook which lead him to stumble into the corner. Even though McGregor did not appear to be hurt or unaware of his surrounding, the ref did not issue a count and immediately called a stop to the fight.

Up to that point, Martez McGregor was in total command of the fight and even scoring an early knock down in the first round. If you were scoring the fight at home Martez should have been leading in points. So if the fight was allowed to continue for two more rounds, Martez would have been awarded the decision. I guess they had to find some way to prevent McGregor form winning. The Fact is Martez is still one the most deadly young fighters out there. He was added to Fury Undercard just 3 weeks before the date of the fight. Martez "The Real Tezmanian" McGregor stays ready so he doesn't have to get ready. However, Martez was involved in a car accident two weeks before the fight and he suffered damages to his wrists. The damage wrists caused Martez training to suffer, but he fought thought it. Martez McGregor was still in complete control of the fight with all the obstacles. Nothing was going to stop him from his debut fight in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand, because inside Martez McGregor beats the heart of champion.

The lost will not stop Martez McGregor. It has only added fuel to his FIRE and I feel sorry for his next opponent, because The Real Tezmanian will perform a Legal Murder.

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