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Max B Celebrates Reduced Sentence on Instagram

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Max B might be free sooner than expected. While French Montana's promise that his associate and Coke Wave co-conspiratorwould be free in 2018 never came to fruition, the man himself said that he had his sentence worked down to 12 years, giving him a release date of sometime in 2021.

"They gave me 75, got it chopped to a 20 then got it down to a dozen, n***a I’m good with the money," Max wrote on Instagram.

Last we heard of Max's legal battle, he had a very big name in his corner advocating for his release. Montana said that he had enlisted the help of Kim Kardashian to try and free the incarcerated rapper.

"Just watching Kylie become a billionaire and watching certain people just break certain records, it makes you feel like the land of where dreams come true," French said of the Kardashian family. "I mean, life is like a mirror sometimes. And sometimes a lot of people don't see the good that they do, like as far as Kim. Me and Kim was talking about getting Max B home from jail. 'Cause she's doing the whole thing with.... So, like for her to even reach out and do that I felt like that was powerful. A lot of people don't see things like that."


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