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Chicago cop refused to change Shooting report of unarmed teen with autism.

On Monday, A Chicago police officer, Sgt. Isaac lambert, filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago. The Lawsuit claims that his bosses retaliated against him for refusing to change a police report to list a sergeant who shot and wounded an unarmed, autistic man as the victim.

Surveillance Video of the Cop Shot Ricardo Hayes

August 2017, Sgt. Isaac Lambert investigated shooting of Ricardo "Ricky" Hayes by Sgt. Khalil Muhammad who was off duty at the time.

The Chicago Tribune reported, In his lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court, Lambert says his bosses dumped him from the detective division last month, days after he refused to change the report.

On the day of the shooting Hayes' caretaker had called police to say Hayes had wandered away from home and that he has developmental disabilities.

In the video before the shooting Hayes can be seen running along the sidewalk then stopping. Hayes suffered two guns wound, in the arm and chest. Hayes still manages to run away despite his wounds.

Lambert alleges, from the home security camera shows Hayes never did anything to threaten Muhammad or give him any reason to open fire.

According the Lambert 's lawsuit, After the shooting later the South detective HQ, Muhammad "was not able to provide a coherent or believable explanation" for why he shot Hayes.


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