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Shooting-spree suspect also opened fire on moving cars in Kenner and Metairie according to police

Lopinto said that he is also suspected of firing at a car in Kenner on June 5, firing at another car in New Orleans the same day, and firing at a car in Metairie

Police say a 22-year-old man accused of randomly killing four people in Metairie and New Orleans tried to kill several more.

Authorities say they have connected Sean Barrette to multiple cases in which someone shot at moving cars in Jefferson and Orleans parishes, but nobody was hurt.

Barrette is accused of shooting and killing a man in New Orleans East on June 6, another man in Metairie on June 17, and two men sitting in a car in a Metairie neighborhood on June 18. He was arrested late Tuesday.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said Barrette is also suspected of shooting at cars in Kenner and New Orleans on June 5, and in Metairie on Monday just hours before the first deadly shooting.

Shortly after Lopinto's announcement, the Kenner Police Department said it would be adding two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of aggravated criminal damage to the charges that Barrette faces.

The New Orleans Police Department said Barrette is considered a "person of interest" in the June 6 murder and June 5 shooting.

Barrette has been accused of being responsible for the following shootings:

June 5 Shooting in New Orleans – no injuries.

June 5 11:20 pm Shooting in Kenner – no injuries.

Police say he shot at a car at I-10 and Loyola.

June 6 Bruce Reed killed in NO East.

June 17 8:15pm – (3 hours before murder on Monday) car with 24-year-old female driver was hit. 

June 17 Isai Cadalzo killed in Metairie

June18 Manuel Caronia Killed 

June 18 Nicky Robeau Killed


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