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Raw, The Opening

Monday Night Raw opened with The Raw Tag Team Division already in the ring competing in over top battle with winner becoming the Raw Tag Team Captain of The Survivor series team.

The Battle was disrupted when the “Monster Among Men“ music hit. Braun Strowman walk down the ramp and into the ring. The monster then made sure everyone “Got those hands.”

After he destroyer the entire tag team division. Braun picked up a Microphone and declared The show will not continue unless he get his hand on Baron Corbin.

Then Stephanie cand down to her ring and made Braun a deal he couldn’t refuse. If Strowman joins the Raw Survivor series team and leads them to Victory. She would grant him a Universal Championship Match against The Beast Brock Lesnar. Plus, She also granted him a Match against Baron Corbin with stipulation to be named later, but the match will only take place after WWE Survivor Series.

Next, The Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey comes down and declares she was going to take of “The Man” Becky Lynch at Survivor Series. Suddenly, Corbin enter the ring only to Judo Hip Toss by Ronda.

Finally, Stephanie Takes control of ring send Corbin to the Back and Reminds Braun about the deal they just agreed too.


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