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Tenants have been living through major constructions in a building on the City’s Northside.

City Notice of 'Stop Work Order' for 6801 N. Sheridan. Only one of many city building code violations.

We all expect our home to be a peaceful haven to unwind after a long day. However, the residents of 6801 - 6807 N. Sheridan, located on Chicago‘s Northside, have been living in real a life version of the movie "Money Pit" for the past two years. Unfortunately, the renters had nothing to laugh at during the nightmarish experience in this building. I believe this is unacceptable! No tenant should ever have to endure never-ending construction, plumbing / electrical problems, and sketchy people wandering around the building.

While everyone understands that if you live in an apartment building you should expect minor disturbances from the cleaning crew, people moving in or out, and the occasional construction work.

However, someone in control of the the building, decided to turn a minor construction project into something far more extreme. They performed major renovations through the entire building with little regard for the paying tenants. So far, the construction has been going on for nearly two years to-date and doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

One of the many freshly installed dry-walls located throughout the building, though at the time still needs to be painted

Some tenants have shared their frustrations with 606 Entertainment about their experiences. Many of them complained about the sound of power drills, sledgehammers banging on the walls, and even construction workers trying to enter their personal space without warning.

Tenants also claimed the construction would start as early as 7 A.M. and would not end until sometimes as late as 7 P.M. and this is Monday thru Saturday. Some residents even stated construction crews would work on Sundays as well.

The timing of construction was a problem for tenants who worked from home or overnight shifts. They were unable to conduct daily business because of the overbearing sound of power drills and sledgehammers. The renters were unable to make important phone calls because the sounds of construction would become too loud inside the apartment units. The never-ending construction noises did not allow tenants to sleep, which prevented them from getting the proper rest, throughout the day. They were unable to be well rested for their 2nd or 3rd shift jobs. In addition, some tenants where forced to leave their apartments due to the overwhelming smell of paints fumes and other industrial chemicals. There's a chance of possible exposure of asbestos to the tenants because of the year the building was constructed. Asbestos was commonly used in building materials before the mid-1970s and occasionally until the late 1980s because it is strong, fire and corrosion resistant and a good insulator, according to Illinois Environmental Protective Agency.

The construction crews, without notice, would turn off the water or electricity inside the apartments, leaving many tenants during the process without running water or electricity. Some tenants, who worked from home, would have to sit in the dark without water and/or electricity for hours. Problems did not end when the utilities were finally restored. Tenants claimed that brown water would flow from the taps once the water was restored. I don't have to be a scientist to understand brown water isn't good for your health!!!

Doors were shattered by unknown person at 6801 N. Sheridan.

Security has also been an issue during construction. Tenants have seen the doors being propped open to allow construction workers easy access to the building. However, other people have taken the opportunity to enter the building and wander around unchecked. The building did not provide a long term private security guard nor did not provide security cameras on each floor. Tenants have claimed to see sketchy people in the building but was not entirely sure if they live in the building or not. One tenant said they did not want to call the police because they did not want to be viewed as a racist.

Nearly two years into the renovation project, the building is looking a lot better on the inside. However, many tenants have moved out because they refused to continue to endure the construction. For those renters that remain, they are planning on leaving also.

I urge those who are looking for a place to rent. Just make sure you ask building management to disclosed if the building has plans for a major renovation project while you are leasing. Now, knowing that information you will have the ability to make the proper choice for yourself. If you want deal with construction while living there.

Have you experienced a nightmare renting situation?

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