Tenants have been living through major constructions in a building on the City’s Northside.

City Notice of 'Stop Work Order' for 6801 N. Sheridan. Only one of many city building code violations.

We all expect our home to be a peaceful haven to unwind after a long day. However, the residents of 6801 - 6807 N. Sheridan, located on Chicago‘s Northside, have been living in real a life version of the movie "Money Pit" for the past two years. Unfortunately, the renters had nothing to laugh at during the nightmarish experience in this building. I believe this is unacceptable! No tenant should ever have to endure never-ending construction, plumbing / electrical problems, and sketchy people wandering around the building.

While everyone understands that if you live in an apartment building you should expect minor disturbances from the cleaning crew, people moving in or out, and the occasional construction work.

However, someone in control of the the building, decided to turn a minor construction project into something far more extreme. They performed major renovations through the entire building with little regard for the paying tenants. So far, the construction has been going on for nearly two years to-date and doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.