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Lashana Lynch Reportedly Set to Inherit '007' in New James Bond Movie

MI6 special agent 007 is getting a new face and, apparently, a new gender too because actress Lashana Lynch is reportedly set to take on the mantle in the upcoming Bond flick.

According to multiple outlets in the UK, the "Captain Marvel" star -- who played Brie Larson's best air force pal in the 2019 blockbuster -- will become the new 007 in what is being described as a "popcorn-dropping moment" in the franchise's 25th installment.

The reports say that Daniel Craig, who is still the same old James Bond we know and love, is brought back from retirement at one point in the movie and introduced to Lashana's character, who's inherited his old code name.

Supposedly, she keeps it too.

Per the reports, Craig tries to seduce Lashana on camera to no avail and it seems like her character might be the main protagonist in any Bond films going forward.

The move to get a fem 007 installed is reportedly thanks to one of the writers Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also had a hand in writing "Killing Eve" (a female-led spy thriller that airs on BBC). One movie insider is quoted as saying this about the new Bond movie: "There are spectacular chase sequences and fights, and Bond is still Bond but he’s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo." Alrighty then!!!

Considering all the issues that have plagued the production thus far, from this and this, the pivot to a strong, black female lead has gotta be some refreshing news for fans.

BTW, Lashana plays an agent named Nomi in the movie. We can hear that new tagline now, the name's Nomi, just Nomi. 


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