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Parents of the children that attend James Madison school in Houston, Texas have been given a dress code to follow when arriving on school property.

Carlotta Outley Brown, the current principal of James Madison High School in Texas has issued new guidelines in the form of a dress code for parents. The decree became public after a parent arrived at the school wearing a head-wrap/scarf & t-shirt dress. The lady was asked to leave the school property because she was violating the School Parent Dress Code.

Parent asked to leave James Madison High School because she violated the Parental Dress Code (according to CBS News)

Of course while there is support for parental dress code policy, some people have taken issue with the code.

Tomiko Miller said to CBS news, "This is failing school. You have other things to worry about than my attire." Miller implies that school policies should be focused on more important issues.

Carlotta Outley Brown's Parental Dress Codes involved ban on the following:

  • Satin Caps or Bonnets

  • Shower caps

  • Hair rollers

  • pajamas

  • Torn jeans showing a lots of skin

  • Uncovered leggings.

  • Low-cut tops

  • Sagging pants

  • Undershirts

  • Short shorts (Daisy Dukes)

  • Dresses that reveal the Butt The reason for the Parental Dress Code is Carlotta Outley Brown believes, "You are you chid's first teacher," she wrote in the letter. "We must have high standards."

Outley Brown is a outstanding principal. She has been honored multiple times for being an educator. Even in 2015, Ellen DeGeneres presented her a check worth $100,000 for the homeless outreach program established at her previous school.

The Dress code is not a State or City policy and only being implement at James Madison High School at the requested of Principal Carlotta Outley Brown. Only time will tell if Parental Dress code will present a better outcome with the school's community of James Madison High School.

What are you thoughts on Parental Dress Code on School Property?


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