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Controversial "Rich Paul Rule" Rescinded By NCAA After Recent Outrage

Rich Paul is one of the most influential agents in the entire NBA thanks to his relationship with LeBron James and the fact that he built Klutch Sports from the ground up. Paul is a self-made man who demands respect from his peers throughout the sports world. In a move that shocked the basketball world, the NCAA announced last week that agents without a Bachelors degree wouldn't be able to represent NCAA talent. Of course, players and agents were stunned by the news and called this new decision the "Rich Paul Rule," as the agent doesn't have a degree.

Some felt as though Paul was being targeted and today, he penned an op-ed in The Athletic about what this whole ruling could mean. Well, it appears as though the NCAA has seen the error of their ways as they announced today that the provision would be reversed and those without Bachelor degrees could continue their business as usual.

Paul's piece and the collective outrage of those around the sports world are most likely what forced the NCAA to change this rule, which at its core, was fairly discriminatory. There are a ton of talented NCAA players who were probably thinking of seeking representation from Paul and now, they will be able to do so with no problems.

At the end of the day, this is a big win for everyone involved.


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