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CDC confirms 27 states now involved in a salmonella outbreak linked to dog treats.

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Two people have died and hundreds more have become ill in an ongoing outbreak of salmonella linked to pig ear dog treats and backyard chickens the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said recently.


Among infections linked to the dog treats, 93 people have been reported ill in at least 27 states, including 48 cases reported since July 3, the CDC said. The CDC has been tracking the outbreak since it began In October 2018. No deaths have been linked to the outbreak, the CDC said.

Learn how to make homemade dog treats in the video player above

Since the illnesses related to backyard poultry began Jan. 1,more than 768 people in 48 states have become ill, the CDC said. That number includes 489 who were diagnosed since

June 13, the agency said in a release. One death was reported in Ohio, and one in Texas.

In the cases linked to poultry, those who got sick reported they had gotten chicks and ducklings from sellers including hatcheries, agricultural stores and websites, the CDC said, adding that just touching the fowl or their environment can make people sick.

The pig's ears can make both people and pets sick, the CDC said, advising people to throw away recalled products in a secure container so pets and animals can't get to them.

Salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps that last four to seven days.


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