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Bray Wyatt goes binary on Twitter with Bobby Lashley

WWE built Bobby Lashley up for his Last Man Standing match with Braun Strowman at Extreme Rules by having him dismantle Rey Mysterio on this week’s Raw. A fan wasn’t impressed and tweeted a call for Bray Wyatt to save us.

Lashley didn’t like that, and responded by issuing a challenge to the Firefly Fun House host.

Bray went binary on his ass...

That translates to “I am in your home Bobby”, which is terrifying enough in its own right. But then when you consider this might mean that in addition to a repressed sociopath hosting a children’s show with a Slipknot-inspired, Tom Savini-crafted alter ego just waiting to break loose, Wyatt may also be some sort of Lawnmover Man-esque techno-villain?

Stoned/confused Vincent Vega is probably the only way to respond to that...

Anyway... this makes me think that if Braun Strowman needs a few weeks off for any reason, having Bobby beat him Sunday in Philadelphia would be the perfect way to set Lashley up as the Fiend’s first target on Raw.

It also makes me think that Bray scares me.

Chime in on any of this below.


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