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The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms; Fantastic and No one should attempt to take that for you.

However, we should be able to agree that:

  1. If a weapons with the ability strike multiple people in under a few second causing lethal results, there should be some form of universal regulation and accountability for that type weapon.

  2. We can agree that a Novice or Untrained person should not be able to purchase and handle that type of weapon.

  3. We as Americans need to find a common balance to get a handle on the violence facing us everyday.


The fact we have not to come some agreement over this

We as people don't have the means or knowledge to make gun or bullets.

We need to stop trying to regulate the people, Instead focus on the companies that manufactures and sales gun.

A lot of the these weapons are being purchase illegally.

Well, inside of several 39 States DO NOT required the Owner or Stores to report their guns lost or stolen. Red Flag!

We can all agree, That's just insane!

Under this process many guns are brought on the "Blackmarket" and end up in the hands of novice and untrained americas. This process is the reason for many street shooting.

The solutions for regulation and accountability for lethal weapons should be a simple. Hopefully, We can get there together.


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